Wijao: Amazon Traditions


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This dream was born 18 years ago, when owner Consuelo Pasuy decided to celebrate Amazonian flavors in a quest to make locals and visitors familiar with a star dish: the Maito, a papillot of ingredients wrapped in Bijao leaves (wherein lies the inspiration of the restaurant ́s name). The menu includes recipes from across the country, though the authentic experience is hidden in the local dishes. Consuelo recommends the “Wijao experience”: taste a larva extracted from the heart of the Chonta palm, the chontacuro. The wood décor offers a cozy atmosphere and blends in with the surrounding environment, an important contribution to the experience as a whole. At Wijao, you will feel at home.


Dirección: Av. Alberto Zambrano y Gonzáles Suárez (esq.)

(+593 3) 288 6643 – (+593 9) 9 564 5189

Lunes a viernes de 07:00 a 22:00 – Sábados, domingos y feriados de 07:30 a 22:00

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