When the Guayacán blooms


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In the canton of Zapotillo, in the extreme south of the country, bordering Peru, landscapes of Bolaspamba, Cazaderos and Mangahurco turn gold every year. It is as if the otherwise discreet trees were so happy to see the end of the dry season, they exploded in color.

These beautiful trees were historically felled and sold mercilessly. The species had become endangered by 1978. But that year marked their protection. For the last seven years or so, public and private entities have come together to make the species’ flowering a tourism attraction. Its fame has gathered and the region now receives international visitors as well as thousands of Ecuadorians.

Forty thousand hectares of guayacán trees, whose leaves greet the rainy season with a most beautiful flowering dance of yellow for five days

To witness the guayacán’s stunning spectacle, head to the accommodation and restaurant options in nearby Macará, Celica, Zapotillo, Puyango and Pindal, from modest hotels and hostels to camping sites. You can also join guided activities designed to enjoy the area’s many charms: from walks, handicraft exhibitions, horseback riding, bicycle routes and culinary routes to sponsoring your very own guayacán tree.

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