Valentine’s Day Plans… Ñan style!


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Do you want to earn some brownie points this Valentine’s? Make sure this year you have the great idea. Don’t just give another teddy bear, rose bouquet or box of chocolates… Feel the love with a Ñan-style adventure!

For adventurers and nature-lovers…

In Quito: Get up early and surprise him or her with a breakfast picnic along the Chaquiñán of Cumbayá, or if you feel more adventurous than that, take the morning, and climb Ilaló from El Tingo and share a Coke and hornado like the locals do… (bet you didn’t know that a good hornado strengthens the lover’s bond). There is also the beautiful Yanacocha Reserve… there is no place more intimate than the feeders, amidst beautiful flowers and scintillating hummingbirds that will witness the love!

In Guayaquil: Venture through a jungle trail in Cerro Blanco Reserve, just half an hour from downtown. If you arrive early, you can be blessed by the sight of deer that come to the streams at dawn to drink.

In Cuenca: Take your partner to enjoy a romantic picnic and take a light walk among the beautiful paramo flowers that surround Lake Llaviucu (Parque Nacional El Cajas). Or watch the sunset from Cojitambo, a sight you will never forget at the foot of a monumental rock that dominates the southern valley. You also have walks down the Barranco, Paraíso Park, or the wonderful view of Cuenca from Turi.

Music for the soul

In Quito… check out the romantic repertoire of classical music on February 14 at Casa de la Música: Armonia d’Amore starts at 8pm.

In Guayaquil, there is nothing more romantic for Fito Páez fans than a Fito Páez concert at Hilton Colón: “Solo Piano” (Only Piano).

Your alt-plan

Promise eternal love with a tattoo! Join Cafetina (in Quito) for their “TRUE LOVE” event… Two tattoo artists will inscribe “love” on your body (DJ Patán lays the tunes). Or check out the San Violentín (Saint Violentine) exhibit at Pentasiete. Or get down at the “Dirty Sexy Night” with the awesome Italian DJ René Delacroix (at Dirty Sanchez, Pinto btw Almagro and Reina Victoria)!

And the Ñan for Most Romantic Museum goes to…

1. Casa del Alabado (Quito): Faint lights, the silence of millennia, ancestral lovers… and a kiss under a century-old fig tree.

2. Museo Julio Jaramillo (Guayaquil): Listen to the beautiful tunes (and tormented love life) of “The Nightingale of the Americas”, Ecuador’s quintessential crooner.

3. Museo Pumapungo (Cuenca): Catch the sunset at the astounding Inca terrace fields of this museum/archaeological park.

4. Museo Manuela Sáenz (Quito): Discover the love story that moved a continent to Independence!

Dinner and a movie? Our picks:

Casa Gangotena, in the heart of the Historic Center, offers top Ecuadorian food in a sumptuously romantic historic mansion (¿venture to stay the night for some more pampering?)

Le Gourmet in Guayaquil’s Oro Verde Hotel promises one of the most exciting menus in the country!

In Cuenca reserve a table by the window at El Mercado with a spectacular view of El Barranco and excelente Ecuadorian and International cuisine blends to fit.

As for a movie, try something different this time and enjoy a movie from your car, at SOUL Autocine (Tamayo y Lizardo García)! Check out timetables and reserve here.

And for all you singles out there… get some lovin’ at Riobamba’s La Merced Market

Dozens of women will come to you in unison as you walk into the market of La Merced in Riobamba… offering some mouth-watering hornado!

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