Urko: A culinary journey across Ecuador


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Urko has set the standard for Ecuadorian haute-cuisine. Its modern three-storey restaurant in trendy La Floresta sends you on a journey of discovery through an excellent “downstairs” bar menu (that travels Ecuador’s four culinary “worlds”) and an “upstairs” reservations-only seasonal raymi tasting menu that changes every three months to the rhythm of ancient Andean agricultural cycles.

Begin at the bar on the terrace next to the vegetable garden (and pre-Columbian Manabí “table oven”) used to prepare fine hors d’oeuvres —including seasonal flower petals, cured meats, endemic mushrooms— and enjoy, at the main dining room, different-flavored shrimp, rare potato varieties, fig-infused pâté, and delectable desserts made with pure cacao, among many other surprises.


Isabel La Católica N24-862 y Zaldumbide.

+(593 2) 256 3180




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