Tip Top in Galapagos


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Tip Top Travel was born from the mind and hard work of Rolf Wittmer, a Galapagos legend: the first person born on the islands. His small tourist operation was his great passion from a young age and his cruise line hasn’t lost the closeness, warmth and exclusivity of a faithful crew. Many, in fact, knew Rolf in life and were trained by him.

Sailing in modern vessels with ample room to stretch your legs, here you feel at home in front of the refreshing ocean breeze, especially delicious at sunset, on the sun deck’s lazy chairs. Simple and ergonomic, wishing not compete with the natural experience, Tip-Top delivers a cozy, versatile and above all comfortable adventure, made to measure for the Galapagos archipelago.

Tip Top keeps the prodigious islands at heart, with the living spirit of the late captain and true Galapagueño (as only very few in the world could ever wish to be). One may not realize it, but we become part of the history of Galapagos by visiting the sites where Rolf forged his legend.

Tip Top Travel
Mariscal Foch E7-81 y Diego de Almagro
Reservations: +(593 2) 256 3181


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