Tía Sixta, flavor to remember


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The flavor of an entire province is concentrated on Calle 9 de Octubre and Colón, at “La Sazón de la Tía Sixta” (Auntie Sixta’s Flavor), a corner dive where the encocado couldn’t be richer. Behind that flavor, find the spark of Auntie Sixta herself, who seems not to have adapted to her restaurant’s space and spends the early morning hours cooking the dishes in her own kitchen. She then takes the pots full of “encocao” goodness to the restaurant, as locals flock desperately to get their fix. You’ll also find encocao dishes of as many things as you could imagine… a true Esmeraldas adventure!

La Sazón de la Tía Sixta
9 de Octubre y Colón, Ciudad de Esmeraldas

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