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Ñan Recommends

Hacienda Cusin: a cipher in the Andes

"A niche amid the Andes holds the secrets to the universe. Like an X on an esoteric treasure map from the Middle Ages, marking the spot along the navel of our Earthly sphere, in a remote corner of the Kingdom of Suns and Plan...

Mansión Matilde: food and splendor in Cuenca

Casa del Parque is one of Cuenca's newest and most striking additions to a city already smothered in quaint-ness and historical splendor. And boy are we excited, because this beautiful landmark house, restored and revamped, h...

Unipark: An exotic classic in the heart of Guayaquil

As the years go by, there are hotels that become "classics", places to stay that are a snapshot of a moment in history that defines a city. Hotel Unipark has earned this accolade in Guayaquil, located in the heart of the most...

Manta’s Pink Mansion: Casa Rosada

To tell the story of Casa Rosada , we must walk down the aisles of Manta's history: go back a hundred years to times when, instead of avenues and piers, it was the sea that, rich with turquoise prose, gave life to the scintil...

Mama Cuchara, Love is in the Air…

There are few corners more romantic in Quito's Historic Center than the legendary Mama Cuchara Hotel residence, where, centuries ago, a desperate woman threw a saint onto the street from one of the balconies and in doing so, ...

Treats on the Road

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Off-Road Adventures

Ñan Adventures

Literary Ambato: the country homes of Juan Montalvo and Juan León Mera

Ready to travel through the annals of Ecuadorian culture, paying homage to the people who forged the literary identity of our country? Follow in their footsteps, breathe the air they breathed, observe the world that inspired ...

Cuenca’s Cultural Third Wave

And Cuenca came out ahead… As always. When Covid-19 took over the headlines, the city closed its doors, cocooned itself. Entrepreneurs in close collaboration with the public sector, private citizens, institutional representat...

Strolling around La Tola and San Blas with Quito Turismo

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A palatial route around La Mariscal with Quito Turismo

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Cuenca’s Barranco: A guided stroll from Hotel Victoria

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Finer Things

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Ñan Archive

Ñan 34: Humboldt & Bonpland in Ecuador

Humboldt and Bonpland entered what is today Ecuador on January 1, 1802. Their eight-month stay in the country would cause great repercussions around the world. It is impossible to prove to what extent the Europeans’ critiques of the colonial system encouraged the Quiteños to rise up and declare Independence from Spain seven years later.

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At One with the Planet

The Great Debate: Egg or Pomegranate?

Click here and contact us directly to get the printed Ñan magazine n°19 issue (In the footsteps of the Geodesic Mission) and all of our iconic issues delivered to your house! In 1671, a young astronomer named Jean Rich...
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