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Since its conception the great railway project has undergone profound changes and restructuring. The Ecuador Public Railway Company has managed to holistically revive this national heritage in the spirit it was originally created in order to catapult it toward a better future.

Today Riobamba is the railway capital of Ecuador and is featuring three unforgettable travel experiences through one of the most unique and diverse regions of the country.

The rest of these routes, the Tren de Hielo I (ice train), ventures into the in nite beauty of the Urbina moors, proudly honoring the craft and ancestral tradition of the so-called “last ice merchants” of Chimborazo. You can also spend the night at the Urbina refugee and enjoy outdoor activities in the mountains.

The second experience focuses on the Andean world and the rich agricultural land of wise Puruhá people, who have preserved their traditions and culture. Hence, this route takes the name Sendero de los Ancestros (path of the ancestors).

The third and most famous route is the Devil’s nose, which runs Alausí-Sibambe-Alausí. Here, guests will enjoy folk demonstrations by the Condor Puñuna, community as well as the special topography of the railway, which has given Ecuador a name world- wide for its unique engineering. You can explore further more the mysteries of the Devil ́s Nose by spending the night at the cozy Sibambe refugee.

All these travel experiences are complemented by professional guides, remodeled, comfortable stations featuring cafeterias, handicraft markets and above all the warm service of its crew on board.


Learn about the history and legacy of the last ice-merchants of Chimborazo and discover the spectacular páramo of Ecuador’s largest mountain.

The route the train takes is truly an engineering masterpiece, descending the eponymous Devil’s Nose mountain.

A voyage into the heart of the land of the Puruhá.

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Quito – Ecuador


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