Swissôtel Quito: The perfect combination


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One of the greatest satisfactions one can experience as a traveler is to feel at home even when you are far, far away. Swissôtel Quito, a five-star hotel located in the popular neighborhood of La Floresta, offers something more: luxury and Swiss-style attention to detail!

As a true heir of Swiss hospitality in the capital, it is only logical that the pillars of service of this important hotel would focus on safety, personalized service, effective organization… and, above all, experience… experience all the way!

As a member of AccorHotels, one of the most luxurious hospitality networks in the world, the hotel focuses on exceeding quality service expectations through smart and creative accommodations.

State-of-the-art amenities and elegance in design and décor are enhanced by Quito’s inimitable charm. The Swissôtel takes the challenges of sustainability and social responsibility in its stride… with class and tenacious professionalism.

Vitality Rooms: Smart Rooms

Products and services that generate well-being and comfort are not commonplace. Swissôtel knows this well and has created its exclusive “Vitality rooms” as a result, where decoration is not only imagined according to the needs and nature of the city’s environment, but also, through every detail, designed to allow guests to reconnect and re-energize themselves.

Downtown life is reflected from above: family homes exposing their tiles, small streets that make up the neighborhood maze, with local stores and street fairs; crowning it all, unfathomable mountains: Cotopaxi sometimes, Pichincha others, and with luck both at the same time.

When the blinds come down, an atmosphere of utmost calm takes over the spacious room and when you pull them up, a beautiful panorama of Quito floods the senses and leaves you breathless.

From the bathroom products, all made organic, to a range of plush pillows, these ergonomic rooms divide the space into many experiences in one: a place to relax, a place to concentrate, a place to meditate, to share, to enjoy small pleasures.

Service is responsibility

Their values complying with guest demands while committing to the environment. The project focuses on sustainable production and limiting the negative impact the industry may have on the natural world.

Swissôtel takes its two slogans to heart: “live it well” and “acting here”; they summarize company values.

The concept is known as “Positive Hospitality” and more than a concept, it’s a plan of daily actions that allow the hotel to be warm and open to guests, as well as more aware of its surroundings and world.

There are also many services that satisfy the search for peace and health. Amrita Spa has over eighty different massage and treatment options. Excellent cuisine complements the journey, with everything from international haute-cuisine to the best samples of Ecuadorian traditional classics.

Maintaining a delicate balance between tradition and innovation is at the core of the Swissôtel Quito brand, a perfect blend of luxury and warmth that combines intelligent design, genuine social and environmental commitment, relaxation, comfort and first class service. All packaged in Swiss fashion.

Body and soul well cared for: that is why one lives well here.

Excellence in hospitality, everyone agrees

Investors in people: Accreditation that demonstrates the long-term commitment the company with employees.

EFQM: Awarded by the European Foundation for Quality Management, celebrating excellence in quality and creativity.

ISO Standards: More than a label, this certificate guarantees the highest quality and management in hospitality and operation.

SQS: The Swiss Association of Quality Systems and Management awards and promotes the best sustainable management practices.


Av. 12 de octubre 1820 y Luis Cordero.

(+593 3) 256 7600

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