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Culinary workshop to enhance the senses

If you visit Sensibus regularly, you can even follow the students’ education, get to know how a menu evolves, see in real-time the chefs of tomorrow in the making.

“The restaurant is open to the public, with full-time employees but also nal-year students, engaging in real-life restaurant experiences with real clients,” explains Luciano Gobbi, chef of Sensibus, a program created by the Faculty of Gastronomy of the Universidad de Las Américas (UDLA). You could call it a culinary workshop of sorts, a practical course with an excellent menu.

“Perhaps what we work on most is creativity. Students putting their sense of innovation into the re,” says Luciano. In Sensibus, students contribute to the menu and learn about the business: how to direct one’s culinary vision, how to work with suppliers, how to set prices. It is an ideal complement to the theoretical education they receive in the classroom.

Each student has his/her vision, his/her talents and interests. Combining UDLA’s motto —”love what you do”— Sensibus guides them towards what they’re most passionate about. “Some like the administrative side of things and others, the kitchen. So, if cooking is your thing, you’ll seal the meats or assemble the dish; if you like service, you’ll deal with the clients, serve the wine… We seek to develop the skills of every student.”

With one foot in education and one foot in the student’s professional career, Sensibus creates awareness and the possibility of experiencing what the culinary profession is all about. Make your reservations, sit back and enjoy the process.


Vía a Nayón s/n, 300 metros del redondel de El Ciclista Universidad de Las Américas

+(593 2) 398 1000 ext. 4449

Horarios de atención: 12:30 a 15:00

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