Sea, surfing and adventure in Guayaquil


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Looking for the best adventure options close to Guayaquil? Here are our siggestions:


Surf’s up! We don’t think we need to tempt you with the wonders of grabbing a board and heading into the breakers to try your luck at becoming a king of the waves… The Ecuadorian coast is peppered with great breaks and beautiful beaches, many yet to be discovered or far from the crowds. On this route, check out the break at El Pelado and Engabao, about 15 minutes northeast from Playas. The setting sun awaits!


One of Guayaquil’s fast-growing sports, growing in popularity every year. The whole region is about water, so it’s easy to find a wonderful place to kayak just about anywhere, whether along the coast or amid the peaceful mangrove creeks.

Parque del  Lago

This reservoir is one of the best places to enjoy kayaking and other watersports. It’s part of a dam system located at Km 26 on the highway to the coast, to the west of the town of Chongón, only 30 minutes from Guayaquil. It boasts 72 species of bird, 21 mammals and lots of reptiles and amphibians. A top choice.

Puerto Hondo

Only 15 minutes from Guayaquil on the highway west, this place is sure to enchant with its mangroves and creeks. At high tide, it’s easy to explore at least 5 km of this ecosystem. You can rent kayaks here, too.

Kayac at Puerto Hondo.


Not to be missed west of Guayaquil (only about 20 minutes’ drive), is the Reserva Cerro Blanco. It’s a haven for the coastal forest ecosystem (of which very little remains), extending over 6,076 hectares.

There are various trails of differing difficulty, so you can choose depending on your interests and physical abilities. They can take anything from half-an-hour to 5 hours to complete. The reserve is a perfect place to observe birdlife, admire giant trees such as the singular ceibos, but also guasmos, mata palos and strangler figs, amid orchids and ferns.


Call ahead to reserve a camping spot; there are several attractive locations which include basic amenities like water and bathrooms.


The fashion for stand up paddle has definitely reached Ecaudorian shores and it’s proving popular with many a beach-goer. It’s a fun way to spend the weekend! In Playas, you’ll come across people paddle surfing, and can ask around to rent a board for a few hours.

Trekking at Cerro Blanco.


Parque del Lago

Mon-Sun and holidays

9am to 6.30 pm


Puerto Hondo

Mon-Sun and holidays

9am to 4 pm


Cerro Blanco

Saturdays and Sundays

8 am to 4 pm

Entry fee: $4 adults, $3 children

Guided visits: from $25

Reservations: 593 – 0986225077 / 593 – 0994376275 /

Address: Km. 16 way to the coast (in front of Unidad Educativa Cenest Harvard)

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