San José de Puembo (An Ascend Hotel Collection): Quito’s getaway


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The outskirts of the picturesque town of Puembo are a true garden of pleasures, an enviable world that sways silently to the wind and glimmers under the sun as birds flit by. Those who enter this hidden garden find themselves quickly wrapped in utter tranquility. There are few places so close to an urban enclave such as Quito capable of disconnecting someone like this idyllic garden of San José de Puembo.

Surrounded by flowering gardens where all the colors seem to be exhibited, stands the old eighteenth-century hacienda home. The hallways seem remodeled, but upon walking through them, one senses the history and past of the place. The large gilded mirrors, wooden sofas upholstered with sober fabric and earth-colored walls begin to make us forget the bustling world of city life.

Rooms and cabins retain the traditional hacienda feel and cold Quito-valley nights wrap guests in the delicious warmth that emanates from the fireplace. Beds are fitted with warm quilts and colorful Otavaleño blankets, striking in their vibrant designs. The windows reflect the green space outside, surrounded by trees and plants that the employees proudly describe as a “botanical garden”.

The unique experience of visiting this country retreat is complemented by horseback riding along the pretty “Chaquiñán” trails to an adjacent hacienda, an afternoon watching time tick by on a hammock, or a visit to the heated pools, whirlpool and spa services offered by the hotel. The colonial-style dining hall comes alive with delicious dishes that highlight the best of traditional Ecuadorian cuisine.

In January this year, a new building was constructed with a new set of rooms and suites equipped with intelligent and modern services, including windows with UV Protection, heating devices and Wifi, while its simple, minimalist décor still retains a rustic essence with unique views of the property’s gardens. San José de Puembo also becomes an excellent choice for large events and business meetings with seven large halls for those looking to enjoy a true country atmosphere in the Quito area.

San José de Puembo Quito Airport is a member of Ascend Hotel Collection, a major worldwide hallmark of service and quality. Just 15 minutes from the airport, this hacienda-hotel offers a haven of nature, a pastoral getaway, a pleasant and hospitable stay in the heart of the Puembo valley, and despite being so close to Quito, it embraces those who visit in a most remote and idyllic garden of peace and tranquility.

Manuel Burbano s/n, Puembo, Quito
+(593 2) 239 0264 / +(593 9) 98 377 881

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