San Isidro Lodge: a laboratory of conservation and cuisine


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A birder’s delight, a place where tapirs and bears still roam free from human threat, where primary forest trails lead you by flamboyant orchids to archaeological sites. To top it off, lodge owner Carmen Bustamante’s creative culinary offerings have led her to international fame, thanks to the raving visitor reviews!

There seems to be a formula for creating world-class ecotourism lodges in Ecuador, and San Isidro Lodge’s owners, Carmen and Mitch, seem to know the secret. The couple has been involved in conservation since the 1980’s, and catapulted their tourism operation near Cosanga (two hours from Quito) into a dreamy spot to bird and relax, with spectacular vistas, comfort, service, and nature observation all around.}

Excellent and easy, cool-climate subtropical-zone birding kicks-off right from the cabins, both day and night, and you might even get to see the famous (and beautiful) “San Isidro Mystery Owl” after dinner (or a night monkey or two). Early morning brings dozens of obliging species out to greet you: Inca Jay, Masked Trogon, Andean Motmot, and a variety of eye-catching tanagers… for starters! Forest trails are exceptional as well, inviting you to savor the true essence of an intact Andean, east-slope ecosystem.

The project also protects sizeable tracts of middle elevation cloud forest, a reserve now hailed as one of the country’s most accessible, key ecological destinations. Such has been the impact of Mitch and Carmen’s work, that many from the community have turned to this activity, with on-the-job training that has paved the way for world-class cooks, top-notch nature and birding guides, and a local community that is becoming a flagship for environmental awareness in the country.

Km. 123 vía a Tena, Napo
(+593 9) 9358 1250 / (+593 2) 289 1880
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