Sacha Lodge: the Lure of the Jungle


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Words don’t suffice. This is a land of wonder: the upper Amazon Basin along the Napo River makes the world around it looks small. The most accessible Amazonian rainforest in the entire continental basin, there’s little like it on Earth. This is jungle exploration in style, chock-full of great wildlife experiences and of course, tons of birds. Land of the Zigzag Heron, the Hoatzin, the Amazonian Umbrellabird, Paradise Tanager and the mythical Harpy Eagle… need we say more.

Arnold Ammeter, known as “Benny”, came to Ecuador with no idea of how much the country would change him. During his travels as a Coca Cola distributor in isolated corners of the Amazon Basin, he fell in love with the region and decided to found the popular Casa del Suizo lodge, at the frontier town of Puerto Ahuano. He then explored further downstream on the Napo, and eventually found the quiet Pilchicocha Lake, the perfect location to conceive an even more ambitious project: Sacha Lodge, a true paradise where nature lovers can experience the magnitude of the region’s mind-boggling biodiversity.

Sacha means forest in kichwa: endless forest. And Laguna Pilcacocha must have seemed like a perfect parenthesis amid the lush tangles of the most extensive forest on our planet… its pure waters, myriad sounds and colors entangled amidst this truly remote location. Standing on the dock of today’s Sacha Lodge, one can picture Benny’s imagination running wild as the idea of creating a place of unforgettable traveler experiences within rich Amazonian rainforest formed in his mind. What he perhaps could not imagine as clearly was the level of comfort the operation would achieve. Sacha Lodge is a walk through the jungle, a time to let go, an opportunity to immerse oneself in the at-first intimidating natural reality of rainforest, without sacrificing relaxation and style. The lodge banishes any qualms one may have had about a ‘jungle experience’.

Excellent naturalist guides, many specialized in birds, escort visitors through an extensive network of trails, with additional opportunities to explore nearby river islands, parrots and macaw clay licks and the surrounding lake. A mind-boggling 600 species of birds inhabit this natural paradise.

Heading out from the lodge, guides and visitors hike to virgin terra firme and varzea forest, learn about the life of beautiful butterflies at the mariposario, canoe along black-water creeks, visit local communities, climb a 43-meter observation tower, and, perhaps most spectacular of all, explore the wonders of the forest from the 275-meter long canopy walkway, built 30 meters-high! Days go by fast, full of wonder, and soon enough all come to understand just why Benny wanted to share this special place with the world.

Toll Free US/Canada: 1-800-706-2215
Ecuador: +593-2256 6090

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