River and Waterfall Sports Near Quito


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Ziplining was formally introduced in 2006, based on the Costa Rican experience, as a means of gliding across the forest canopy, hanging from a well-anchored pulley system. The area offers a number of safe establishments that offer an hour-and-a-half adventure, or shorter lengths of only 2 cables that can last some 15 minutes. The sport is certainly an adrenaline catalyst.

Water Sports

A great alternative to rafting in the area in ríos Mulaute and Blanco, is “tubing” in shallow-bed rivers like Río Mindo. Tubing is a pioneer of all adventure tourism activities in the region, a weekend favorite among the locals that became one of the most popular adventure attractions among tourists in Mindo. Tubing involves traveling leisurely downstream on inflated inner tubes taken from trucks, tied together. In some waterfalls like Salto del Caiman near Puerto Quito, rappelling, de­scending from a rock with ropes, has been introduced.


Mindo Canopy Adventures
km. 2.5 vía las Cascadas
09 453 0624 / 08 542 8758

Mindo Ropes & Canopy
km. 2.5 vía las Cascadas

Vía Calacalí – La Independencia km. 63
09 531 1625 / 08 479 8986


Look out for the tubing operators along the River Mindo, beyond the town.

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