República del Cacao: A taste of the Amazon


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Always committed to the sustainable production of ne cacao, fair trade and traceability of their products, República del Cacao recently launched an Amazonía 75% Dark Chocolate bar, with 100% Amazonian fine cacao.

The new chocolate bar is produced with “Sacha” ne cacao and it truly is an unparalleled experience: a creamy texture that envelopes the palate with a surge of flavor. It then softens and dissolves, becoming sweeter and revealing tones of hazelnut and other nuts.

República del Cacao brings the versatility of the “Sacha” ne to new heights by offering an assortment of desserts created by local and international chefs, all inspired by the Amazonia 75% Dark Chocolate bar.

Don’t miss delectable desserts that include the “Cacao de Origen” (pineapple and Amazonian cinnamon compote, chocolate mousse, cacao croquant and walnut praliné), “Macambo” (milk chocolate mousse, mango compote, chocolate sponge with Macambo and almond nibs) and the spectacularly rich Amazonian Ice Cream, a fantastic dark chocolate ice cream with almonds and chocolate croquant.

There is no doubt that Amazonía 75% Dark Chocolate is an open invitation to savor the many flavors of the Amazon in every bite.

To taste any of these delicious desserts, visit the many Republic del Cacoa boutiques located in the Historic Center (Venezuela and Mejía), Cumbayá (Scala Shopping), La Mariscal (Plaza Foch) and ‘Mall El Jardín’ Shopping Center.


Venezuela entre Mejía y Chile (Centro Histórico Quito)

+(593 2) 221 3180



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