Quinta Loren: Warmth and elegance in Ficoa


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Quinta Loren is an oasis of peace and serenity. The rustic house with its wooden details and warm terracotta color, the intimate atmosphere and mountain flavor are the perfect end to a day of exploration in the land of flowers and fruits.

The doors open to anyone who wants to feel the warmth of Ambateño hospitality, elegant Mediterranean décor and first class cuisine. Watching out for the details becomes a delicious pastime in here, where every touch has been thought through and every corner is a sign of the love with which Quinta Loren has been created, without a doubt one of the best choices when looking for a romantic and unique stay in the area.

Social and business events

An ideal place of rest for the family or to share important dates with those close to you, Quinta Loren also has spectacular salons to host social or corporate events.

Its exterior patio overlooks a stone pool and leads you to the rooms that exude their own style and are characterized by their ample and welcoming space, which makes anyone who stays overnight feel at home. Its restaurant, another highlight and perfect complement, is a great showcase for both local and international fare, where the steak cooked on volcanic stone is their signature dish (and there are those who say that the recipe was born here).

Located in the neighborhood of Ficoa, Quinta Loren enjoys a strategic location, close to the center of Ambato and its attractions, yet at the same time set apart from the busy life of the city. This is the ideal stay to enjoy the warmth of Ambato and its surroundings.


Calle los Taxos s/n y Av. Los Guaytambos. Urb. Loren. Ficoa-Ambato

+(5933) 2460 699

+(5933) 246 1275


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