Posada Ingapirca: Like home amidst the Andes


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Located 500 meters away from the most important archeological remains of the country, this place is perfect for relaxing. With gardens sprinkled by polylepis and other species, an excellent service and the kindness of their hosts, Posada de Ingapirca invites us to explore the places where Cañaris and Incas talked to stars and mountains alike.

This cozy, wooden, mountain hostel, filled with rustic details, will make you feel at home. Plus, the incredible home-cooked meal (made with grandma’s recipes) will complete your experience. Unwind in front of the fireplace while sharing good times with friends and family.

This place used to be a private hacienda house. It’s 200 years old, but today it has been restored… and has it all: heating in all rooms, hot water, traditional decors and, for those who run away from cold weather, deliciously soft quilts.

It also has a playroom for visitors to enjoy, a horseback riding service (useful to explore the Capac Ñan, the Inca Trail, which is also located very close to the inn) and a great guide for tourists who want to learn more about these welcoming, legendary lands.

500 meters east of the Ingapirca Complex.
+(593 7) 282-7401 / +(593 7) 283-1120

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