Posada Ingapirca


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Posada Ingapirca

Ecuador’s haciendas, full of romance and history, exemplify country life at its purest. With this in mind, the Duran-Vintimilla family, pioneers in the management of heritage boutique hotels in Cuenca, embarked on a dream of preserving the routines of rural existence and sharing them with their patrons and guests. In the early nineties, they bought an old property in the fields of Ingapirca and, following years of dedication and meticulous restoration, saw their dream materialize as the charming Posada Ingapirca.

The traditional house, which dates back two hundred years, is located in one of Ecuador’s most emblematic regions, where the legendary Cañari and Inca peoples shared the land.

The property is a stone’s throw from the archaeological complex of Ingapirca, the largest in the country, after which the inn is named. Indeed, the ruins were once part of the hacienda’s estate and some of their stones were used in the house’s original foundations. Its name is therefore all the more appropriate!

The posada’s rooms, with their abode walls thick with history and mystique, their rustic charm and modern amenities, provide explorers of the region’s riches with the ideal place to rest their weary heads.

Meanwhile, its restaurant offers excellent traditional cuisine, specializing in southern delicacies such as Cañari tamales or mote pillo with lamb, served by the restaurant with inspiring views of the mountains. The bar also serves excellent wine and the southern classic heat-me-up draque, a cinnamon-based drink guaranteed to revive the spirit.

Beyond the house, gardens overgrowing with flowers offer quiet spaces for contemplation, whose only distraction
are restless hummingbirds flitting by. Guests can venture by horseback across the hills or hike the Inca Trail to the beautiful Culebrillas lake and discover the fascinating ruins at Paredones.

Owner Daniel Durán confesses his soft spot for simple country ways and time has shown how much his guests appreciate these rural pleasures. “They love the guinea pigs, chickens, ducks and llamas, and the walks nearby,” he says, “and they also enjoy sampling the organic vegetables from our garden, the fresh eggs from the hens and milk and cream from nearby farms.”

Life amid the Incas has never been so good.



500mts al este del Complejo de Ingapirca.

+(593 7) 282-7401

+(593 7) 283-1120

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