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The living memory of David Ayoví preserves the founding moments of Playa de Oro. At 77, he still remembers, with special pride, a date: October 4, 1996.

That day, this town – that had been effectively enslaved by a British mining company for so many years – and its Playa de Oro leaders received a property title for the entire territory. At that time, he was the president of the community. It was the first time, according to him, that the Ecuadorian government had issued a document of this kind.

David, likewise, recalls and recounts the catastrophic times when the town was flooded. But its people, despite it all, have resisted and persisted in a land that belongs to them, in which they have preserved their livelihoods with determination. Unfortunately, the same has not happened with certain traditions, such as that of decimeros (poets who recite decimas, poems composed with 8-syllable verses).

That is why it is a priceless experience to hear, from his own voice, those rhymed verses he recited as he did when he was young, in those times when no woman could resist his gallant eloquence. Here, a very small sample:

I like to just see you my Heart of Alexandria

I do not put you in a golden home

I will not put you on a silver throne

But I will take you where my fate tells me to…

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