Playa Negra


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Enormous eroded formations and a thick jungle shelter this corner of the world… we venture to the true dark side of this earthly moon of ours; and anyone who walks along its shadowy soil, will be inspired by the silent forays into its virginal landscape. A beach unlike any other that must be protected for the future.

Several years ago, a foreign couple chose this small beach to celebrate the most special day of their lives: their wedding. They had unexpectedly come across this beach and for them it was the most special place they had ever known. Surrounded by friends and loved ones, they offered their love to this beach with deep black sand. Playa Negra, 5 minutes from Mompiche, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in the country (and one of the most unique as well).

Photo: Jorge Vinueza.

The entrance, to the right of the main road between Mompiche and Portente, can go by unnoticed. Peaceful and awe-inspiring, you leave a thick footprint in the strangest of soils. The distinctive color and consistency of the sand is due to its rich composition, with metals such as uranium, titanium, copper, among others.

Photo: Jorge Vinueza.

On sunny afternoons, as powerful waves pound upon the dark shore, surfers make their way from Mompiche to this special corner to enjoy their sport in utter privacy. They, like us, and now like you, know that there are few corners in the world as special as this.

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