Playa Canela: Unwinding in Salinas


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This seaside boutique bed-and-breakfast/hotel located on the Costa de Oro in Salinas opened its doors in 2009. Its unique style, designed by Spanish architect Xavier Romagosa and Ecuadorian interior designer Cecilia Molestina, combines harmony and class throughout its quaint lounging areas, filled with plants and flowers. A perfect spot to unwind.

Every corner is decorated with special details. Facing the sea, you can relax in a very special wicker armchair, which is perfect for taking pictures. The spa is also a favorite (especially in the evening), handsomely decorated with a beautiful mural painted by Vicente Romagosa (Cecilia’s grandson).

Playa Canela offers the comfort of spending time near the ocean, walking on the beach, taking a dip, or enjoying the hot tub, spa center, and swimming pool after a delicious breakfast al fresco. Personalized attention spares no detail: taste some mid-afternoon wine, enjoy a romantic dinner (planned to detail), visit recommended restaurants, or set out on your own adventure (from birdwatching in the nearby salt flats to watching whales in the summer). Join Cecilia to organize an unforgettable vacation.

Playa Canela
+(593 4) 277 8545

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