Paccari: Chocolate with Consciousness


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Casa de Experiencias Paccari, Cumbayá

After two decades positioning itself as Ecuador’s brand most committed to its value chain, Paccari added an extra “c” to its name to reflect the “conscious consumer”, combining the new letter with exciting “experience houses” all over Quito, where the visitor’s interaction with the brand is a priority.

Located in Cumbayá’s Plaza Coelho, the Paccari Experience House features an open-air terrace, a privileged view of the valleys and, above all, a first-class chocolate shop that highlights all of Paccari’s flavors in everything from desserts to breakfast. Following its principle of sustainability, everything here guarantees zero waste. And what an experience it is: don’t miss out on their brownie, tiramisu or Andean blackberry cheesecake!


Francisco de Orellana N550 – Plaza Coelho
+593 98 303 5035

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