What to do in Ecuador this Holiday


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We know that you work your fingers to the bone every day… and that you are in dire need of a good rest, a moment to meditate, an escape from the daily grind. So, here are our Ñan recommendations for what to do in Ecuador this holiday, with the best getaways and retreats, so that on Labor Day you can truly celebrate it by doing what you deserve: Resting!

Km 5, Vía Yuracrucito

La Estelita

If your idea of relaxing is to hide away way up in the mountains and enjoy a spectacular view… then La Estelita is the place for you.


Green 9

If you want to go back to work sporting a new tan after some R and R on the beach and a good dip in the ocean… Green 9 is the perfect destination.

San Pablo del Lago, Otavalo

Hacienda Cusin

If you’re yearning for someplace close to Quito yet still want to surround yourself with history, verdant gardens and architectural beauty, few can match Hacienda Cusín.

A 2km. De la “Y” vía Mindo

El Séptimo Paraiso

And, if you fancy immersing yourself in nature in the heart of the subtropics … Séptimo Paraíso awaits.

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