Otavalo: a two-wheel Andean adventure


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When you think of Otavalo, the first thing that comes to mind are the infinite colors and spellbinding textiles crafted by artisans who have mastered their skills for generations. There is no denying that the town’s craft market is one Latin America’s largest, and an important magnet for visitors to Imbabura Province and the country as a whole. However, beyond this unique and fun artisanal fair, the surrounding region’s magical setting is ideal for nature lovers of all creeds and adventurers seeking to quench their thirst for adrenaline, surrounded by fresh, clean air and breathtaking scenery.

Mountain biking down (and up) Andean trails has never been more popular.

The Mojanda volcanic lake complex is a wonder to behold. Its three extensive bodies of water never cease to surprise international visitors. Its downhill routes to Otavalo make fantastic day tours to enjoy among friends. In fact, the Otavalo local government suggests six routes around the town and its surroundings, each offering easy to moderate levels of difficulty that any group of friends or family can enjoy.

Reach the invigorating Peguche waterfall, a purification and ceremonial center for locals during the Inti Raymi festivities, feel the energy surrounding San Pablo Lake with Imbabura volcano as backdrop, or visit Wantun Rumi, a unique volcanic rock formation… these are some of the places you can visit by following our routes. Travelers and adventurers who have already received the impressive energy of the Otavalo highlands can attest to the wonderful experience that awaits!

  1. Mojanda – Otavalo

Level: Easy / Moderate

Distance: 10.5 km

  1. Otavalo – Mojanda Lakes

Level: Easy / Moderate

Distance: 16.6 km

  1. Otavalo – El Lechero – Condor Park – San Pablo Lake

Level: Easy

Distance: 9.4 km

  1. Otavalo – Peguche Waterfalls – Ilumán 

Level: Easy

Distance: 7.4 km

  1. Otavalo – Wantun Rumi 

Level: Easy

Distance:7.7 km

  1. Cajas – Otavalo 

Level: Easy

Distance: 20.8 km

There are several other outdoor activities visitors can engage in the area, from trekking, camping, kayaking, rock climbing to canyoning: a landscape of endless mountains and crystalline lakes will inspire anyone looking for a close encounter with nature! Plus there’s great accommodation to suit all tastes and wallets.

Dirección de Turismo y Desarrollo Económico Local – GAD OTAVALO

Modesto Jaramillo y Manuel Quiroga (esquina) diagonal a la Plaza de Ponchos.
+(593 6) 292-7230

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