Oro Verde Guayaquil: Excellence, Ecuador-style


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Thirty-three years ago, an experienced Swiss hotelier named Kasper Manz visited Guayaquil. He was so appalled at the place he chose to stay the night, he decided to build himself his own hotel. They say that on that same trip, the contracts were signed and the construction of a national icon began, on the corner of 9 de Octubre and García Moreno.

A new era in tourism was ushered in, and with it, came the great Hotel Oro Verde, the finest in exclusivity and service in Ecuador. The name ‘Oro Verde’ (green gold) was born of the deep impression that the extensive banana plantations of the Ecuadorian coastal plains had made on Kasper. The abundance of this fruit and its importance to the country’s society and economy seemed relevant enough to support a sense of identity. Today, not only do we associate the words ‘oro verde’ with excellence and quality, but also with a source of deep pride. The chain is considered the most ‘Ecuadorian’ of them all.

It is the quintessential national hotel brand. With representation in four cities (Manta, Cuenca, Machala, and Guayaquil), staffed almost exclusively by Ecuadorian employees and a tally of rooms and excellent facilities that together exceed most hotel chains in the country, Oro Verde has become one of the most successful tourism catalyzers in the country, worthy of respect and even fervor. It is, in a word, an icon; and Oro Verde Guayaquil, its true pearl.

In a city that has come to breathe new life in recent years, especially in the central neighborhoods around the hotel, Oro Verde has become the ideal starting point for discovering the heart of Guayaquil. Only three blocks from Parque Centenario, the most important square in the city, and a short and pleasant walk to both piers (malecones), amidst the hustle and inescapably seductive flavor that characterizes this tropical, coastal city, this proud member of “Leading Hotels of the World” group is ready to accompany the city on its road to becoming a high-quality tourism destination. It is the first time in a long time that Guayaquil has prettied herself up like this. And Hotel Oro Verde is out to do the same.

Hotel Oro Verde combines its long tradition and extensive experience with new, spick-and-span facilities, achieving unprecedented levels of excellence in the country. A dedicated, skilled, and faithful staff leads the trend in hospitality, passionately maintaining the spirit of its founding ethos.

The hotel’s restaurants are also emblems of the city. Oro Verde’s café, Gourmet Deli, on lively Calle 9 de October, has welcomed Guayaquileños of every walk of life since the early days. El Patio, with its extensive buffet and vibrant local dishes is a versatile, convenient and surprisingly fine choice to satisfy the soul… La Fondue and its delicious Swiss-inspired menu is actually a Swiss-food reference in the city, and last but not least, the unique ‘Le Gourmet ‘ offers an excellent variety of cuisine, where executive chef Antonio Pérez reveals his artful take on food and dining.

Through his ‘Extraordinary Culinary Experiences’, a spectacular food festival held every month at the restaurant, he has gradually taken the city by storm, tables booked weeks in advance, becoming a must-experience night out in Guayaquil. All this is just a small part of the new, renewed vision concocted by those who consider El Oro Verde the most emblematic hotel in Ecuador.

Hotel Oro Verde
Avda. 9 de Octubre and García Moreno
Guayaquil, Ecuador

Reservations: +1 800 ORO VERDE
Website: https://www.oroverdeguayaquil.com/

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