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Foodie Stop: Massa

Martín Lira, executive chef at Massa, is a pizza maker at heart. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that his pizza reflects a deep respect for the craft. Their first-class ingredients are always fresh, the dough treated wi...

Foodie Stop: La Burguesa

La Burguesa is royalty among gourmet burger joints in Quito. Last year they won a most prestigious honor: “The Best Burger” of Ecuador’s capital. And it’s all because the owners, Maria Elena Proaño and Martín Lira, have b...

HACIENDA CUSIN: a.d. 1602. ‘400 years of welcome’

​​Hacienda Cusin invites you to stroll endlessly along its flowering paths, read entire novels by a crackling fireplace as the evening sets in over Mount Imbabura, and explore the wonders of not only the hacienda itself, but ...

Foodie Stop: El Deli

Across the street from Puembo’s main square, hidden byond one of many flowery façades, we discover a delicatessen chock full of exclusive products ready to add a gourmet touch to any meal. We are then awestruck at its bea...

Foodie Stop: Casa Alfaro

For anyone seeking the true flavors of Manabí in Quito, Casa Alfaro is a fine choice, located in the heart of Cumbayá, transporting us directly to a lunch by the sea. And what a banquet it is! Ceviche, encebollado, corvic...

Treats on the Road

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Off-Road Adventures

Ñan Adventures

Hidden Gems: Ruta del Spondylus

Ruta del Spondylus is the coastal road that runs over 600km from Playas to Esmeraldas, named for a type of mollusk that inhabits the waters of the Pacific Ocean and has a beautiful shell that appears in shades of yellow, oran...

Seven first-timer things to do in Cuenca

The summer’s here and so is Ecuador’s independence weekend… and it is always a good idea to go to Cuenca, the city of “four rivers”, Ecuador’s "most pretty” (according to more than one traveler)… Ñan and the Cuenca Touris...

Strolling around La Tola and San Blas with Quito Turismo

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¡OMG, lo que se cocina en Portoviejo!

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Literary Ambato: the country homes of Juan Montalvo and Juan León Mera

Ready to travel through the annals of Ecuadorian culture, paying homage to the people who forged the literary identity of our country? Follow in their footsteps, breathe the air they breathed, observe the world that inspired ...

Finer Things

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Ñan Archive

Ñan 34: Humboldt & Bonpland in Ecuador

Humboldt and Bonpland entered what is today Ecuador on January 1, 1802. Their eight-month stay in the country would cause great repercussions around the world. It is impossible to prove to what extent the Europeans’ critiques of the colonial system encouraged the Quiteños to rise up and declare Independence from Spain seven years later.

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At One with the Planet

Written in Stone

Who am I? Where do I come from and where am I going? We have all asked ourselves these questions, yet never do we receive the same answers. For designer César López, the first clues of this personal search came to him written...
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