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Hacienda Pinsaquí: Proud and Regal

Something that strikes you at first glance about Hacienda Pinsaquí are the hundred-year-old trees that rise gallantly from the property’s enormous backyard. They are the same trees that have astonished visitors from all walks...

Iche: In Search of Manabí’s Culinary Heart

Ceviche, corviche, viche, troliche; all traditional Manabí treats. In addition to their spectacular flavor, and their rhyming endings… What do they have in common? Well, they are all prepared with peanuts. And, something else...

The Añangu Experience: Napo Wildlife Center & Napo Cultural Center

There is no human feat capable of competing with the power of nature at its most diverse. This deep knowledge has driven the Añangu community to create an Amazonian adventure unparalleled in the world. This deep knowledge —at...

Saddle up in La Alegría

The name La Alegría (“happiness” in Spanish) hails from a legend: the love spurred between Mount Pasochoa ( “widower” in Kichwa) and Cerro Viudita ( “widower” in Spanish), a mythical affair between nearby mountains that moved...

Foodie Stop: Shari Sushi Bar

Shari Sushi Fusion is an example of good international food in Portoviejo. As its name suggests, this restaurant is a personal take on Japanese food. Five years ago, chef Leonardo Pinargote brought his concept to the city and...

Treats on the Road

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Off-Road Adventures

Ñan Adventures

Manabí Mosaic: A Shading Route

Forest, mountains, mangroves, beaches... it seems that this route takes all over Ecuador... but no. We found everything in Manabí! And at no distance from each other. If you are looking for some variety during your outings, y...

Check out our Cuenca church tour!

We love Cuenca, it's as simple as that. So much so that two of our issues focus on countless aspects of Cuenca's culture, attractions, artists, museums, idiosyncrasies, crafts, etc... (as well as the excellent travel routes t...

Condor Trek: through the King of the Andes path

The ancestor speak of the legend of Pachacamac, creator of the universe. He put a sacred bird on Earth: the Condor. And its purpose would be to serve as messenger between spirits and humans. I imagine that is why its flight i...

Soul-searching in Archidona

Visiting Archidona requires an open mind, one that seeks experience beyond logic. There are no stories here, only legends. And those who tell them are inspired by spirits and ‘ancestors’. For those venturing here, challenging...

Hidden Gems: Ruta del Spondylus

Ruta del Spondylus is the coastal road that runs over 600km from Playas to Esmeraldas, named for a type of mollusk that inhabits the waters of the Pacific Ocean and has a beautiful shell that appears in shades of yellow, oran...

Finer Things

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Ñan Archive

Ñan 34: Humboldt & Bonpland in Ecuador

Humboldt and Bonpland entered what is today Ecuador on January 1, 1802. Their eight-month stay in the country would cause great repercussions around the world. It is impossible to prove to what extent the Europeans’ critiques of the colonial system encouraged the Quiteños to rise up and declare Independence from Spain seven years later.

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At One with the Planet

The Ancestral Muses of Casa del Alabado

“This is NOT an archeology museum. This is an art museum”, explains Lucía Durán, director of Casa del Alabado in Quito, “this is an art museum of the past”. I’d say more: one leaves this extravaganza of ancient creations as i...
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