Motorcycle trip around Ecuador


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By: Raúl Guarderas

Foto: Jackson Zamora

Motorcycle tourism – deciding to leave your comfort zone and set off to travel the world on a vehicle that by its very nature pumps up your adrenaline – requires that you face the unknown. It’s not just about crossing physical and geographical boundaries: it’s about surpassing your own fears. It’s not just about checking the brakes on your motorcycle, but checking what holds you back, what prevents you from breaking free.

And what better place than our four worlds to test your mettle. On the same day, experience a sunrise on the Pacific Coast and, by mid-morning, savor the best highland coffee in the subtropical mountainside. After windy highway and off-road curves, surrounded by snowy volcanoes, plummet into the Amazonian alluvial plains, passing by mineral hot springs and colorful sunsets, leaving behind heights of over 4000 meters above sea level.

That is Ecuador, a realm of hidden gems, which you must seek outside the asphalt, through forests, lakes and lagoons, paramo and glaciers, markets and villages and spectacular national parks and prairies, discovering friendly people who wish to share the product of their kitchen, where you can see the hind side of the volcano or arrive at night to a town where you may not find a hotel, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a place to spend the night.

Ecuador is a paradise, ideal for those who seek the most exciting and diverse motorbike routes.

A festival:
Between November 22 and 24, Sierra Alisos will serve as the host to motorcycle enthusiasts from the world over, with dozens of speakers who will share their experiences as travelers, telling stories of past, present, and future at the 2nd Horizons Unlimited Travelers Meeting to be held in Ecuador.Would you like to participate? Sign up at

Sierra Alisos, hotel de campo
Tambillo, Ecuador.
+(593 9) 89 40 5064

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