Moderna: Every day’s delight


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Moderna: Every day’s delight

The passion for baking bread that transmits love and warmth was always the engine that led Moderna’s path. In the beginning, their freshly baked loaves captivated their audience and it was the passion and knowledge they acquired for the art of bakery that led them little by little to continue with their commercial line.

“They bring me any ingredient and I turn it into bread,” says Matthijs Schutter with the amused smile of an inventive child. Dutch by birth and Ecuadorian at heart, he is the master baker who has taken the shelves of supermarkets by storm with the innovative flavors his talented palate has created. For more than 40 years, Mateo – as they affectionately call him – and the team of exemplary and professional employees at the Moderna bakery have accomplished an unparalleled feat: erasing the misconception that eating whole wheat bread is an insipid experience, almost a sacrifice.

Simply take a generous bite into any of the Moderna’s Gourmet varieties and decide for yourself: healthy bread has never been so delicious!

Beyond its pioneering offer, ideal for breaking your routine of repetitive flavors, Moderna is also proud to offer products with nutritional benefits for families. Combinations are based on fruit, cereals and nuts, key ingredients of a balanced diet, with delicious flavors such as: Apple and Macadamia, Blackberries and Nuts, Red Fruits and Almonds, and Five Cereals. These healthy, exquisite and original mixes have not only been recognized and appreciated by their faithful clients – who grow with every passing day – but also by a group of experts worldwide.

In 2014 and 2015, Moderna received notable awards for their taste at the international Superior Taste Awards, that took place in Belgium.

This guarantee of high standards, coupled with their elegant packaging that looks almost like a gift, make Moderna the best option to enjoy your daily bread, at any moment; especially at breakfast.

What better treat than to start the day with this fresh, colorful comfort food! Moderna’s breads and panetones are the ideal companions for your first coffee of the day or for a mid-afternoon snack. Sliced, you don’t need to add or spread anything else (although everyone is welcome to do so), because the versatility of flavors is perfectly intuitive at first sight: there, along the length and breadth of its delicate slice, the perfect amount of red fruits, almonds, sesame seeds, or oats create a powerhouse of flavor… Trying any of Moderna’s 21 varieties is the beginning of a long and happy relationship.


San Gabriel OE7-8 9 and Valderrama.

+(593) 2298-5100

1800 200 – 300

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