Mashpi Lodge: A sanctuary of the senses


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Mashpi Lodge: A sanctuary of the senses

Mashpi Lodge’s Dragonfly cable car carries guests aloft for two kilometers, under, through and above the Chocó cloud forest canopy. It’s an incredible way to experience the lodge’s extensive private reserve, gliding soundlessly through mist and sun, over rivers and gorges, past beautiful epiphytes and chirping tropical birds. The gondola is also employed by the lodge’s and visiting scientists to gain unprecedented access to such a little-understood part of the ecosystem, to study the life that inhabitants these enigmatic enclaves. It was from the Dragonfly that the endemic Mashpi Magnolia was discovered, and where myriad species of flora and fauna are identified and investigated.


Ventas/ Sales: + (593 2) 400 8088

(LUN/MON – VIE/ FRI: 9:00-17:00)

Hotel: + (593 2) 400 4100

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