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Step inside Mansion Matilde and savor every moment. Chef Diego Gutiérrez, with his beautiful philosophy, declares, ‘Every day, we strive to be our best selves. Through gastronomy, we aim to contribute to the growth and development of our country.’

One of the pillars of this contribution is the traceability of the ingredients that compose the menu and dishes prepared in the restaurant. Diego knows the origins of each ingredient: the organic garden in Paute, the small farmer from a rural area in the Austro region, the fisherman known by name (like Marcos, who delivers fresh catch to the restaurant every week). Diego works closely with them to ensure the best quality. By elevating traceability to its highest standard, Diego aims to inspire others to do the same, to improve the production chain, and create a circular economy that rewards quality.

‘When a product is good, it doesn’t need complicated preparations. The key is to work with subtlety, to create dressings that enhance flavors and bring out the essence of the ingredients. We want to present the product in its purest form…’

So, what does Mansión Matilde have in store for us?

The answer isn’t simple. Diego ponders… The idea is to showcase the best of fresh ingredients with a ‘Matilde’ touch that blends the sensitivity of Cuenca with French inspiration, uniting the house’s influence and style.

And here’s the verdict: escargots, an ‘arrecife,’ and figs with cheese. Escargots, faithful to the French tradition; the ‘arrecife’ reflects the restaurant’s commitment to traceability, meticulously prepared to perfection; and figs with cheese, a traditional recipe transformed by the vision of Anaís Astudillo, the talented pastry chef, to embody the pure Mansión Matilde style. Let’s begin.

The Arrecife

The main course that Chef Diego Gutiérrez, along with sous-chef Ángel Junco, responsible for the hot kitchen, has prepared for us today, is a combination of succulent pork belly and octopus sourced directly from Anconcito. They are delicately seared and heated in a salamander oven, accompanied by a delicious ripe plantain and peanut tortilla, simple techniques, sprouts and ‘salprieta’ as garnish, and a beautiful culinary fusion that elegantly defines the essence of Mansión Matilde’s cuisine.

The Escargots

Indulge in the exquisite pleasure of Mansión Matilde’s classic French preparation—with plenty of butter. The recipe remains true to its origins, as the snails are baked in a ceramic basin specially crafted for this purpose. Chives and olive oil are added for a delightful touch. Chef Gutiérrez pairs them with a truly Cuenca-inspired garnish: a delicious sourdough bread with a base of ‘chumal’ or ‘humita,’ a classic corn dough, perfectly complementing the dish.

Figs with Cheese

This isn’t your typical Ecuadorian dessert enjoyed in households. It’s a special and complete dessert, reimagined by Anaís. Fresh organic figs from the Copsal orchard are macerated in a delicious syrup, accompanied by a traditional Cuenca cheese cream, freshly kneaded. Olives, sugarcane honey, organic edible flowers enhance the bittersweet flavors, and a fabulous cheese ice cream tops it off… You’ve rarely tasted anything like it!

Don’t miss out on Mansión Matilde, another Güitig recommendation when you’re in Cuenca, as we continue our journey across the country in search of the best Ecuadorian cuisines.

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