Mansión Matilde: food and splendor in Cuenca


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Casa del Parque is one of Cuenca’s newest and most striking additions to a city already smothered in quaint-ness and historical splendor. And boy are we excited, because this beautiful landmark house, restored and revamped, has already changed the face of the city. On the ground floor of the beautiful building that overlooks Plaza Calderón, you’ll find an entire selection of fine restaurants… but on the second floor…

Food and splendor in Cuenca

More restaurants and tea rooms, such as Turquesa, await upstairs, as a prelude to the true piece de resistance of this culinary creation. It is the height of luxury at Mansión Matilde.

As if brought here to 2021 by “time machine”, the French décor so famous in the 1900 Cuenca opens up to the colors of Impressionism. Pastels not worn by time, are vibrant, as if the walls and columns were still wet of paint; against fleur-de-lis patterns on the wallpapers and a finesse that raises the bar of good taste, only as Cuenca can.

A tearoom, haute-cuisine restaurant and bar make up this three-part experience, soon to be one of the most renowned culinary ventures in the country. We have no doubt about this. A menu, that maintains a French concept… or better still, “a Cuenca-French” fusion cuisine, includes local touches and the freshness of local ingredients to the sophistication of fine dining like few other places in the Ecuadorian culinary scene. Gladys Eljuri’s dream comes true in this house restored with all the details to not only “rescue heritage”, but bring on the future!

Luis Cordero y Simón Bolivar. Cuenca – Ecuador.
Casa del Parque, second floor.
(+593) 995 03 0935
Facebook: /mansionmatilde
Instagram: @mansionmatilde

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