Mama Lola, Loja: Flavor in the veins


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Mama Lola, Loja: Flavor in the veins

Along the walls of its three floors, Mama Lola tells the story of the city, offering what makes Loja so special: traditional décor, friendly service and of course, unforgettable flavor.

Traditional dishes — pork cecina, “guinea-pigged” chicken or honey quesillo — have a stellar space on a menu inspired, irremediably, by Loja’s very own “Mama Lola”, a culinary icon of the city and mother of Edgar, the owner.

Fresh, organic and hydroponic ingredients, produced by local farmers, add to an offer that also flirts with modern innovations (try the tropical horchata, the chicken cecina, the guinea-pigged wings and an irresistible fig dessert). Mama Lola will delight your palate with wonderful flavors of such a fertile land… among such warm people.


Av. Salvador Bustamante Celi y Santa Rosa (Esquina). Loja, Ecuador.

+ (593 7) 261 4381

+ (593 9) 8 416 5935


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