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The members of Guayaquil band Macho Muchacho (Macho Boy) squander their carefree youth on a sofa in their brand-new studio, which they assembled in an attic hoping to get “just a little closer to recording independence”. Any young adult would let a day like this just waste away, but it’s time to rehearse and, once los Macho has set up, the transformation is unbelievable, there’s no other word to describe it.

An unusual intensity takes possession of Juan Enderica’s fingers. The guitarist begins assembling sounds while Aldo Vanoni, on a Gibson, carefully chooses his own notes. The drum kit, played by Alberto Rizzone, punches out a lopsided rhythm; Pablo Jimenez, also deep in concentration, lays forth the foundations on bass.

Suddenly, the four boys wasting their day away on the sofa become Macho Muchacho, one of the most sophisticated rock bands in Ecuador. They’re real tight, filled with surprising ideas. This is serious. And it comes together like quantum science.

The fact that Macho Muchacho composes instrumental music is nothing out of the ordinary. What is unexpected, though, is that they do it for a young crowd

A friend insisted they advertise themselves as math rock, which they did, for a while. But now, they admit, they’re not fond of the category: “Defining our style like that doesn’t explain the music we do. I think we prefer calling it instrumental,” explains Aldo.

It could very well be a tipping point for the music scene in Guayaquil. Nothing will be the same again since these four young rockers have brought together their solid block of sound. Each adds and subtracts nothing more or less than what is necessary, calling on their creative energy and youthful muse to reach the sublime.

Download the band’s first EP – it’s free:

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