República del Cacao: Legacy, flavor and scent


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Chocolate must be enjoyed with all five senses. Sight, to capture its uniform texture, as well as its mahogany, hazelnut or sepia brown colors. Touch discovers whether it melts fast or slow, whether it is sticky or smooth. Then, if you break the chocolate next to your ear, it should sound clear and rm, like a clack; that mean the chocolate was tempered correctly.

Now, it’s time to rejoice. Get closer to the chocolate and perceive its woody, cinnamon, vanilla, citrusy or clove aroma. Then we put the chocolate in our mouth, against our palate and let it melt: the bitterness of the toasted chocolate, the powerful sweet of the red fruits or the unmistakable taste of raisins take over.

Eating chocolate awakens the heart. Any day with the family is the perfect excuse to share Chocolate Tasting
(the “cata de chocolate”) organized by República del Cacao, where everyone can discover the great range of avors and secrets hidden in every bar, as well as all that takes place behind the scenes to make them: the cacao harvesters, the climate, the altitudinal zones. Chocolate is not only about the cocoa at the farm, but also the milk of the cows, the fruiting trees, the juxtaposition of cold and warm climatic currents that come together for its production.

República del Cacao also offers interactive cooking classes (you must reserve at least five days prior) where children can learn how to make chocolate, stuffed chocolates, pastries and several other products. A fun and educational activity that will surely be an unforgettable memory for the entire family.


Venezuela entre Mejía y Chile (Centro Histórico Quito)

+(593 2) 221 3180



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