La Selva: Jungle Paradise


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La Selva: Jungle paradise

With more than 600 species of birds registered in the Amazon, La Selva Lodge is the perfect springboard for exploring the immensity of this lush and lively tropical forest. One of the first lodges built in the depths of the Ecuadorian Amazon, La Selva is a key place for bird watching, with several trails exclusively for birding, and expert native and naturalist guides to help you spot key species. Here, amid these ‘green mansions’ of soaring trees with their buttressed roots, live parrots, toucans, golden orioles, harpy eagles, kingfishers, and more. Located on the shores of the Garzacocha lagoon, La Selva feels like the deep Amazon, but it’s also remarkably accessible, comfortable and beautiful, its architecture designed to blend harmoniously with its surroundings. It works directly with the Pichi community in the area, making it a must-visit jungle lodge!


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