La Nana, an instant classic in Guayaquil


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“La Nana”, Raquel Fuentes Arroyo, is a Guayaquil icon. Her “supercostilla” (super pork chop), 3.5 kg of deliciousness, is a well deserved claim to fame, yet deliciousness, in this case, spreads to everything this cook of 30 years touches. As soon as the restaurant opened its doors, it filled, and its new location in Destruge and Chimborazo has become the place in Guayaquil to eat arroz con menestra, a classic in the city.

Open from four in the afternoon, the place is rammed within half- an-hour… the untimely hour, not yet dinner, past lunch, doesn’t seem to hurt business… no one complains, you just have to build up an appetite. Don’t forget to ask for the maduro bolones as a starter! Solid portions, Coastal flavor, a generous vibe that one has to seek out in the inner streets of true Guayaquil.

La Nana Tradicional
Destruge y Chimborazo, Guayaquil
(+593 4) 234 5119

Photos: Jorge Vinueza

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