La Mecha, Ristorante Italiano


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Handmade Italian cuisine

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For 13 years, Meche’s kitchen has followed only one rule: cooking with bad energy is forbidden because in La Mecha, food is made with love. Its menu
is a perfect mix between the delicious Italian flavors and the flavors of the northwestern lands, which makes each meal a creative and unforgettable experience. Behind each recipe, there are huge decisions; maybe that’s the reason why it is considered one of the best Italian restaurants in Ecuador. People from La Mecha work hand in hand with local producers, they choose the best ingredients, their pasta is hand-made every day, they use organic products and they avoid the use of plastic. Here you can find something for everyone: from a trout carpaccio, the gnocchi gratinati, a grilled T-Bone, to the popular Della Casa pizza (with roasted bell peppers and eggplants) baked in a wood-fired oven. La Mecha is a mandatory stop in Mindo if you want to make a journey through the flavors of Italy.


Vicente Aguirre y Marquesa de Solanda. Mindo – Ecuador

(+593 9) 8057 4817

Ristorante Italiano La Mecha


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