Kawsay Balloons: Ecuador, from the Sky


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Daniel Hernández wanted to fly. The Ecuadorian engineer frequently traveled by plane to the Amazon Basin for work; he contemplated the landscape from the sky: the imposing Andean mountains, the dense jungle and its vivid greens. “One day the plane took a different course. It went towards Pichincha and I said ‘how beautiful’! It was an area I’d never seen from above before”, says Daniel. What does Ecuador look like from above?

This sentiment was crucial to ​​Kawsay Balloons and its beginnings. In 2017, Daniel decided that he wanted to show the world his country from a new perspective. Helicopters were very expensive, but hot air balloons had it all; an exciting experience, romantic views, the feeling of being on top of the world.

Daniel, now founder and CEO of Kawsay Balloons, together with his brother Gabriel, trained as hot air balloon pilots. By the end of 2020, following the unexpected hiatus caused by the pandemic, they were granted their pilot licenses and began operating flights for the public. The brothers are now the first trained hot air balloon pilots in Ecuador!

Beyond the privileged, incomparable views, lies the sheer sensation of oneness with the skies, as you literally feel like all weight is lifted. “One just floats. You feel like you’re traveling with the wind. That you are the wind!”, says Daniel. In 30 seconds, one reaches 500 meters in elevation… and absolute freedom.

Kawsay Balloons have flown over Lake San Pablo, Itchimbía, the town of Ibarra, and Santo Domingo… Now the coastal cities of Machala and Guayaquil are in store, as well as Cuenca. The company even has permits to fly over the Galapagos Islands. The experience of a place like Cappadocia, Turkey, the landscape painted by colorful hot air balloons, is closer by the day in our country. With the “Distintivo Q” credentials granted by Quito’s Tourism Office certifying Kawsay Balloon’s quality standards, you can also contact the company as a travel agency that, in addition to offering unparalleled adventures throughout Ecuador’s skies, complements travel itineraries with a variety of tours for all tastes.

Daniel Hernández wanted to fly and now with Kawsay Balloons he invites us to fly with him.


Jorge Drom E3-37 y José Arízaga. Edificio Aristo Plaza. Quito.
+593 98 378 3742

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