Kalú Gastrobar: Amazon’s pure flavor


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A refreshing mint cocktail, jamaica flower and ishpingo (Andean cinnamon) extract accompanied by a juicy steak bathed in a creamy patasmuyo sauce (white cacao fruit) on a bed of rustic cassava puree. The combination transforms in your mouth: from acidic and citrus-y, to sweet and salt… just one of the many delectable recipes at Kalú, a restaurant whose culinary and aesthetic concept is based on the seven Amazonian Nationalities of Pastaza. Wooden chairs in sandy patios surrounded by plants, murals that represent the faces, symbols and colors of the people of the Amazon, cocktails and dishes made with local ingredients, haute cuisine savoir-faire… Kalú’s menu invites you to explore the Amazon through its most sophisticated flavors.


Cacique Palate y Cacique Nayapi, Puyo.

+(593 9) 9264 8697

Kalu Gastrobar

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