Joyería Platinum: Silver Animals


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The spectacle of biodiversity shines in silver; flora and fauna expressed in rings and charms born from the minds of Mary Isabel Cáceres and Damián Escobar, handcrafted by talented jewelers. Together, they have created new styles, inspired by the nature that surrounds them. With 20 years in the market, Platinum has generated employment for over sixty people nationwide (directly and indirectly) and is a true pioneer in the distribution and manufacturing of silver jewelry in Ecuador. A whole menagerie—toucans, macaws, boas, owls and more— make up their captivating collection. Acquire any of these pieces and take a singular piece of the jungle home with you.


Calle Ceslao Marín (Frente a Tía) – Puyo.

+(593 9) 99 30 2381 / +(593 9) 99 48 8929

Platinum Joyas de Plata


9:00 – 20:00

Fotografías: Jorge Vinueza

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