Isla San Cristóbal: Enchanted Capital


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It’s been two-and-a-half years since we last wrote about the Enchanted Islands and photographed its wonders for our 18th issue. Today we disembark once again, this time on the shores of beautiful San Cristóbal, one of the few islands we have yet to cover. We also return to Santa Cruz.

As always, I was amazed at how two places in the same corner of our planet can reveal such a clear, yet subtle difference. In the spirit of Darwin and like the animals
of this remote archipelago — which reveal differences according to the island they inhabit — the human communities of this archipelago also seem to be subject to the same effects of “adaptive radiation”.

To me, this last realization is the essence of Galápagos: one can superficially enjoy the fantastic experiences and fabulous visions of nature. They’re amazing, of course.

But Galápagos is also a place that seems to open up the universe; a place that invites us to think a bit deeper, push our imaginations a little further, expand our understanding….

The people of San Cristóbal are kind and generous. Their enthusiasm is contagious. Always eager to welcome the visitor who ventures to this beautiful port, they delight newcomers with seaside delicacies, with the talent of their artists, with the way in which they have adapted tourism to their day-to-day lives in this unique destination in the wilds of the Pacific Ocean. San Cristóbal promises an unforgettable stay. I know that everyone will find great pleasure in this island’s endemic joie-de-vivre. And then, you can compare and contrast this experience with Santa Cruz, a dreamy island full of great adventures, a tourism hub, unparalleled in our country.

Galápagos, no matter how many times you visit, no matter where you go within the archipelago, always leaves fleeting glimpses of its essence and a lifetime of memories to cherish.

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