Iguana Crossing… the world’s end


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Iguana Crossing is surely Ecuador’s most remote hotel. It’s located on the farthest beach of the westernmost inhabited port of the Galápagos archipelago, on Isabela Island, a mere blip of land in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. One can’t help but wonder at finding a hotel of such sophistication so far from ‘civilization’, offering sweeping views of one of the country’s most beautiful beaches, the ocean, and the infinite horizon.

If you ever find yourself on Isabela, you really can’t lose staying at Iguana Crossing Hotel. Only blocks away from Puerto Villamil’s main square, on your way to the spectacular Humedales Reserve, comfort is guaranteed in Iguana Crossing’s ample rooms, excellent restaurant, and relaxing porch with a pool, pergola and its one-and-only location.

Antonio Gil, Puerto Villamil, Isabela
(+593 5) 252 9485

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