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Have you ever dreamt of dining at the very brink of civilization? Well, dream no further… make your reservations at Iguana Crossing, isla Isabela, Galapagos. With a fantastic view of the deep turquoise Pacific Ocean, where there are no more restaurants for miles around.

Serving what is arguably the best cuisine on Isabela, Iguana Crossing takes full advantage of the organic fruits and vegetables and fresh seafood found on the island and its coast. Delicious seared tuna, excellent fish encoca’o (a typical Ecuadorian dish topped with a creamy coconut sauce), the one-and-only Galápagos langostino (an endemic relative of the lobster) or the to-die-for fish cazuela (a baked plantain-based casserole, found throughout mainland Ecuador’s coast) are some of the menu’s specialties that even guests staying at other hotels in town come to savor. (Also, don’t miss out on the ‘almost famous’ Galapacho!)

Passionate about nature, conservation, and the fabulous island of Isabela he cherishes so, owner Felipe Trujillo has dedicatedly brought to life his dream at Iguana Crossing, creating an environment that does justice to such a unique destination. The eco-hotel and its restaurant buys most of its produce locally and adheres to international conservation standards and sustainable practices. It flaunts modern, sleek architecture with an attractive hardwood front porch, a fanciful covered pergola and outdoor pool, and a terrace boasting wonderful views of the wetlands and mangrove beds found behind the hotel, where, to top the experience off, buffet breakfasts and romantic dinners by candlelight are served. These marshlands are not only home to the emblematic iguanas, adorable Blue-winged teals migrate here, while occasional flamingo flocks fly by, as they ‘island hop’ over to Floreana.

Either for lunch or dinner, the experience at Iguana Crossing is next to none.

Antonio Gil, Puerto Villamil, Isabela
(+593 5) 252 9485

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