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Beauty is built into every detail in Hotel Illa in Quito

The minute you walk into your room, you’ll know. From the artisan-made furniture to the paintings hanging on the walls, every decoration here was — not just chosen — made precisely with this space and your experience in mind.

When you lay down in your bed, you’ll start to notice the seemingly small details, the hand-embroidered linens, the delicious macarons awaiting you on your nightstand, or the thermos of hot chocolate by your armchair, that let you know Illa is offering something more.

It’s the farthest thing you can imagine from a chain hotel, it’s more like arriving to stay at a large, welcoming family home.

Each of Hotel Illa in Quito’s ten luxury rooms and suites is designed to be distinct.

Here at Illa, beauty is built into the details. Something as simple as a door. The colorful portals that you will find along the hotel’s ground floor are actually made from restored wooden doors that date back to Quito’s colonial era, donated from the city’s historic churches.

The hotel’s restoration process took care to recognize each era of interventions to the building’s design, from its colonial foundations to its Republican renovations, and even including its contemporary function as a hotel, with your comfort and convenience in mind.

Savor a quiet moment in our exclusive spa, or on the balcony overlooking the Panecillo Virgin as the rest of Quito’s historic center offers a stunning backdrop.

When you sit down to eat at Nuema, Hotel Illa’s award-winning restaurant partners, you will find that nothing on your plate has escaped the attention of Chef Alejandro Chamorro. That even includes the plate itself: All of Nuema’s flatware was designed and made by local artisans exclusively for the restaurant.

Our tasting menu and a-la-carte options vary according to the season and the availability of fresh local products. The fresh herbs that we use to season and garnish our dishes come from right here in the hotel, our own private garden in the back patio.

Nuema’s innovative take on Ecuadorian cuisine transforms traditional ingredients with modern techniques that bring familiar flavours into their full potential. Each dish that is served at Nuema is distinct, and each will take you to a new level of Ecuadorian cuisine, transporting you from the Amazon to the Andes to the Pacific coast with a fresh take on typical recipes.

At Hotel Illa, every flower is placed with care.

We’ll let the details speak for themselves. If you’re looking for a tasteful mix of authenticity and luxury, welcome to Illa, your new home in Quito.

Contact Hotel Illa

Junin E1-44 and Juan Pio Montufar. San Marcos, Quito
(593-2) 395 7010
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