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Sweet, hardworking and a great saleswoman. Thst is how Renato Solines describes his grandmother Carlota, the original owner of the residence where he spent his childhood and where he built this stunning Quito hotel in her honor.

Renato Solines, together with wife Verónica Reed (an architect) decided to convert “grandma’s” house into a place where guests could experience innovative design, sustainable practices and the warmth and hospitality of times past.

Each of the twelve rooms is named after an emblematic Quitio bird (Azafrán, Esmeralda, Brujo, Golondrina, Carpintero, to name a few) and the color palette and décor have been created to reflect each bird.

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But Carlota is not only an aesthetically beautiful place; it is also an environmenally-friendly operation.

Thirty percent of its energy is powered by solar panels which also provide a three-hour reserve of electricity in case of a blackout. The water from the showers is reused in toilets, reducing consumption by 50%. Personal care products are biodegradable; lighting is exclusively LED-based; and a high percentage of the materials used during the restoration process were recycled.

If you add to this vision the beguiling view of the city from the roof top, excellent dining options, the excellent liquor menu and the many panoramic windows, it’s no surprise that Carlota has quickly become the place of choice for international travelers to experience Quito at its most caring, responsible and charming.


Benalcázar N6-26 y Mejía.

(+593 2) 380-1410


To view the gallery, please click over the image.

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