Hotel Ambato


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Hotel Ambato: An icon of Ambateño hospitality

Hotel Ambato is a refreshingly modern stayover within the historic and commercial city center. With a privileged view of the Ambato river and the traditional neighborhoods of Ficoa and Miraflores and well known for its impeccable service, Hotel Ambato is the ideal place to rest your head during your explorations. Excellent dining at the hotel is also a definite plus – with a fine seco de chivo. Accommodation ranges across ample and well-lit rooms, while salons for events and a strategic free parking lot for guests ensure a hassle-free and excellent stay in the land of “fruits and flowers”.

Guayaquil 01-08 y Rocafuerte, Ambato-Ecuador

+ (593 3) 242 1791/2

+ (593 9) 9991 6069

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