Heimatlos, amid the Amazon’s Paradise


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Heimatlos’s impressive structure was built by hand by Patricio, at his workshop. The space is very quaint and cozy, with just ten spacious rooms and nature all around… all you need to feel at home. The view from the third floor is a privilege, especially when Mounts Sangay or Corazón to the east emerge from the clouds in all their splendor.

Patricio Vallejo is a native of Puyo. He is a life-long connoisseur of the forests and their trees and wood. He grew up surrounded by nature with his grandfather, and was always fascinated by the trees that grew in the area. A little over three years ago, he created his very own tourism project: Heimatlos.

Twenty-three kinds of wood were employed in this spectacular place in the western Ecuadorian Amazon. Every detail has been thought through: while some woods have been used for their resilience, others have been included for their color or their aroma. All the decorative elements have their raison d’être. Patricio is also an excellent guide. He is happy to share his abundant knowledge of the local flora and fauna, a living, walking encyclopedia. The orchards and vegetable gardens are an ode to sustainable living and reveal an environmentally-conscious operation, with walks to the river where one can get acquainted with the jungle environment and even set up camp.

In Heimatlos, excellent dining also awaits guests, with traditional dishes such as the carachama maito or catfish soup as well as more international options, always with a homely touch, such as pizza or ribs prepared in a wood oven, among many other delicacies.

Heimatlos also offers volunteer work for those wishing to contribute to the development of a project keen to contribute to Pastaza’s tourism industry.


Vía a Canelos, km.1 – Puyo

(+593 9) 8 626 3247


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