Hacienda Pinsaquí: Proud and Regal


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Something that strikes you at first glance about Hacienda Pinsaquí are the hundred-year-old trees that rise gallantly from the property’s enormous backyard. They are the same trees that have astonished visitors from all walks of life (and all time periods, as well): from Simón Bolívar to comedian Dave Chapelle… among many other distinguished guests…

Among the most important hacienda estates in Imbabura, Hacienda Pinsaquí is historically linked to Otavalo and specifically to the community of Ilumán, known for its great ancestral legacy, home to the largest community of Andean shaman (or “yachaks”) in the region. As of the agrarian reform of the early 1900s, which was actually a visionary “war cry” for Don Modesto Larrea, one of the hacienda’s historic owners, the community members of Ilumán were given land and allowed to leave the hacienda. Yet their bond is enduring.

Today, you feel the deep-rooted culture of Otavalo during your stay —in addition to the hacienda being located only a few minutes from the town center and its iconic Poncho Square— an experience that is combined with the peaceful respite an emblem of rural life with over two hundred years of history can offer.

Every detail makes a difference, from discovering Andean music and traditional cooking through organized classes or receiving “energetic” cleansing sessions to the spectacular Colonial air of every piece of decoration, of strolling sumptuous gardens and visiting the friendly horses, of warming up to the stately fireplaces on couches hailing from early Republican times, Pinsaquí offers modern pleasures in a setting that preserves heritage like few other corners of the Andes. Stunning landscapes, excellent local and international cuisine, and nearby visits to all fascinating corners of the  legendary province of Imbabura…

Bolívar’s getaway

A claim to fame here is that “El Libertador” Simón Bolívar was somewhat of a regular at Hacienda Pinsaquí when visiting the region. One of the rooms he would have stayed in is kept with all the luxuries and romantic nostalgia of the time.


Panamericana Norte Km 5
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