Hacienda Pinsaquí, a 300-year-old story


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Mantaining three-century old hacienda is no easy task, especially as a springboard for solace and relaxation for tourists from every corner of the world to enjoy. Hacienda Pinsaquí, located in
the province of Imbabura, is well aware of its responsibility as a guardian of its heritage; therefore, the management has made the decision to invest in the conscious restoration and maintenance of its common areas.

This is the ideal place where families can discover in nite pleasures throughout 17-hectares, amid cobblestone paths you can travel on foot or horseback, ample rooms that showcase the beauty and class of Colonial architecture, the colors of the traditional Otavaleña clothing (that
the sta uses) as an emblem of Andean hospitality, the songs of the di erent birds or the unforgettable sunsets re ected on the fountains become warm memories.

With the aim of remaining as the tourism icon it has become, Hacienda Pinsaquí o ers well preserved European furniture and republican beds made with certi ed Chilean Guayacan wood, combined with modern technology that allows for temperature regulation. In addition, the menu is varied, o ering traditional dishes to preserve the secrets of our millennial cuisine as well as to international recipes.

Hacienda Pinsqaquí also offers special activities such as cooking classes where you can learn to make tradicional ice cream and empanadas, classes to learn Andean music, knitting secrets with a real embroiderer from Zuleta. You can also enjoy the exhibition of wooden looms and rituals with a real Shaman; this is an iniative to support local artisans. These secrets of handmade craft and Andean cuisine have been passed from generation to generation. Thus, those who visit Pinsaquí also become guardians of the legacy of this land.

“Cobblestone paths you can travel on foot or horseback and ample rooms that showcase the beauty and class of Colonial architecture”


Panamericana Norte Km 5 (Otavalo-Imbabura)

+(593 9) 5889 2274



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